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Good but not my favourite.

Ysabel - Guy Gavriel Kay

When I read Tigana, I didn't realise what a huge impact it had. I think about various parts of the novel quite often, even now after so many other books. Lions was very enjoyable, although it doesn't pop into my head like Tigana.


Ysabel, or usable as my kindle fire prefers to name it, is a good story but... and there's the problem as I'm not entirely sure what was lacking. The characters engaged me, the plot entertained me, I learnt some more history. I don't have a problem with young protagonists, I don't mind the modern setting. So not sure why it sticks at three stars. Perhaps it'll play on my mind and suddenly become my favourite tale.


Still, worth reading, plus it isn't very long.

And time wheels on...

A Memory Of Light: Wheel of Time Book 14 - 'Robert Jordan',  'Brandon Sanderson'



Wow, I finished this yesterday. I feel very satisfied with it. I also think that Sanderson has done a pretty amazing job, taken a huge series and finished it off in keeping with the writer's wishes.


So, what do I think? Overall I'm happy with it although there are quibbles. I mean the obvious one is Bela, really, dead! What were you thinking! The other deaths I can live with, no pun intended. I felt Egwene' s storyline worked well, as did the others. Trying not to be too spoilery here. I've read reviews criticising the Lan arc, it so worked for me. 


My favourites mainly survived, woohoo. Also, you can see how the characters lives can carry on after the story, which I've really begun to like in a tale.


Thanks to Jon for encouraging me to read on past the braid tugging and dress switching, oh and the spanking! 

WOT an adventure!

I'm about a third through this final volume. I have say that I'm enjoying it immensely. Last night, as I read way too late, I read descriptions of Alludra' s dragons whilst the neighbourhood set off their fireworks. Atmospheric. 


Can it all be finalized in the remaining 600 pages?

Pokemon, Romans. What's not to love?

Furies of Calderon (Codex Alera #1) - Jim Butcher

Interesting book, quite liked the idea of the furies. Would've  liked to explore this more guess that's why it's a series! I shall read on.


Imported my books, not allowed my name - Helen and want my black cat avatar.

Fantasy, no! But...

Boy's Life - Robert R. McCammon

I've read this as a monthly read on the other site. There is an element of magic in it but to such a small degree that I can't file it as fantasy. I noticed that some have filed it 'horror'  and others 'YA', I don't agree with this either.


So, this is a story about a young boy growing up whilst big events unfold around him. There is a murder, some racism, tragedy -I did cry; but mainly everyday life of a twelve year old boy.


I did enjoy it and have given it four stars, there are times when the book is boring, or at least nothing happens.


Ooops stuck on italics!  Definitely worth reading, perhaps not worth as much wordage in italic!


Hi, I'm not sure if I need to evacuate from GR or not as yet but thought perhaps I should prepare. Some people are being mistreated and I think this is the beginning rather than the end.


Don't expect any great essays, if I was that way inclined I wouldn't keep putting off the special needs assignment that I don't want to write - too much of my reading time will be taken by its reading time.


Currently reading Boy's Life. Is it fantasy? Well, certainly not yet, I'm about half way. It's a conundrum as I like it, it's well written, has developed characters but it's also boring in that nothing really happens.  I will read on, but I can't see it changing from the gentle read that it is.

The Time Machine

The Time Machine - H.G. Wells My kindle version stopped at 71%, rest was a free excerpt of another book. glad I didn't stop to go to sleep as planned.

The Crown Tower (The Riyria Chronicles #1)

The Crown Tower (The Riyria Chronicles #1) - Michael J. Sullivan Enjoyable read. Nice to see where the characters met and how their bond developed. You can read this before the other series. I also like how the covers are opposites of the other series but also coordinate.

Outcome (Breakers)

Outcome (Breakers) - Edward W. Robertson Nice to read a disease based apocalypse that isn't full of zombies.

A Princess of Mars (Barsoom, #1)

A Princess of Mars (Barsoom, #1) - Edgar Rice Burroughs Not bad but I feel that there are either holes in the plot or I've missed bits. Some of the description left me cold and there were times when the plot twist seemed obvious.
Emperor of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence Fantastic book, I read the end in disbelief! Go buy the trilogy.

King of Thorns

King of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence Started this at 1am, straight after Prince when I could barely focus...

Lawrence has lived up to the promise shown in Prince of Thorns. The story of Jorg continues but we see a more mature side to him now, he's haunted by some of his actions in this novel. Don't misunderstand me, he's still has his lovely sociopath edge that we've come to love and still reacts in his typical violent fashion. Emperor here I come...

Prince of Thorns (The Broken Empire, #1)

Prince of Thorns (The Broken Empire, #1) - Mark  Lawrence Missed bed time twice for this. Have bought part 2 and 3 this morning.
Dark Eden - Chris Beckett Glad I read this as a paperback as I'm not sure that I'd file it under sci-fi in my kindle. Yes there was a spaceship generations ago but does that qualify?

That aside, I loved it and want more. What will happen to John and his family now...
Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time, #11) - Robert Jordan Much Moore going on in this part.