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And time wheels on...

A Memory Of Light: Wheel of Time Book 14 - 'Robert Jordan',  'Brandon Sanderson'



Wow, I finished this yesterday. I feel very satisfied with it. I also think that Sanderson has done a pretty amazing job, taken a huge series and finished it off in keeping with the writer's wishes.


So, what do I think? Overall I'm happy with it although there are quibbles. I mean the obvious one is Bela, really, dead! What were you thinking! The other deaths I can live with, no pun intended. I felt Egwene' s storyline worked well, as did the others. Trying not to be too spoilery here. I've read reviews criticising the Lan arc, it so worked for me. 


My favourites mainly survived, woohoo. Also, you can see how the characters lives can carry on after the story, which I've really begun to like in a tale.


Thanks to Jon for encouraging me to read on past the braid tugging and dress switching, oh and the spanking!